Ebaymotors Website Review & Ratings + Ebaymotors Coupons
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Ebaymotors Website Review & Ratings + Ebaymotors Coupons

eBay Motors: Products & Services

eBay is a very well-known ecommerce website where people from all over the world can sell and buy almost anything. The ebay.com/motors is a section of the bigger eBay website, which offers opportunities for those who want to sell or to buy vehicles and/or motor parts and accessories.The visitors can browse through the following categories: My Vehicles, Vehicle Buyer Services, Cars & Trucks, Motorcycles, Powersports & More, Boats, Parts & Accessories, Tire Center, Wheel Center, Light Center, Motors Blog and Dealer Center. Not only people can use this website for personal purposes, but small businesses as well. There is a community too, where buyers and sellers can talk, ask questions and exchange experiences.

eBay Motors: Company Background

The company, eBay, first started in 1995, when a programmer called Pierre Omidyar imagined an international and common market for everybody to use. After he had written the code, eBay began its road to being the greatest online market. The company has more than 90 million users online. The official and current President and CEO for eBay, Inc., therefore ebay.com/motors, is John Donahoe. The headquarters of the company are located at Whitman Campus, 2065 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California 95125, United States of America.

eBay Motors: Customer Feedback & Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews online, it appears that eBay Motors has some issues. There are more than 50 complaints regarding this eBay section on Rif Off Report, but unfortunately there aren’t many details about them. On Epinions, the opinions are parted. One client complained about the website not having customer service and that it works slow with the refunds, while another one found the eBay experience frustrating. In fact, there is a website dedicated to eBay Motors, where the moderators try to show the true nature of those who sell motors on the website, and to convince the buyers everything is a scam. It does not appear to be addressed directly to the company, but to its policies that allow everybody to sell, therefore to scam. This website is called eBay Motors Sucks.

eBay Motors: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

There has been found no Better Business Bureau profile for ebay.com/motors or for ebay.com. Therefore, the website has no accreditation from BBB. There is no information regarding any awards received by the company, nor by its Motors section. The company’s main associate is PayPal, but in the last few years it has developed connections with other former small business as well, like Bill Me Later, GSI Commerce and others. There is a In the news page available on the website, with all the major media outlets apparitions for the company.

eBay Motors: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

When it comes to the Alexa overview, it is an overall available only for the ebay.com website. Here, 205 reviews have been filed by former customers, and the total rating is 2/5 stars. The global traffic rank is 18 and 6 within the United States of America. Approximately 62% of the website’s audience is located within the United States of America. About 10% of the visits on the site are referred by search engines. On Google Page Rank eBay obtained 6/10 points.

eBay Motors: Social Media Presence

There doesn’t seem to be any connection with online social platforms. Even though the website eBay.com is very popular throughout the world, the Motors category doesn’t seem to benefit from the same opportunities the official website and main page has. It might be so that eBay.com has connections on social platform, but they are not available strictly for the ebay.com/motors page.

eBay Motors: Website Security & Safety

The overall according to Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic page is a little bit confusing, and the results could be based strictly on the official and main website eBay.com or on the eBay.com/Motors category. However, currently the website is not listed as suspicious and over the past 90 days it did not host any malware. On 2013-02-04, Google tested 344 pages and there was found no malicious software that was being downloaded and installed without user consent. There is an entire category for protection of the visitors on the website, who can protect their identity, their computers and to report a problem, if necessary.

eBay Motors: Pricing & Packages

Since all the sellers on eBay are people who are not selling it as an official business, all the prices are set by each seller individually. However, if a possible customer is interested in an item on the eBay Motors page, he can make an offer for the desired item, and as long as the offer is made within the necessary time and the auction is won, the customer can actually buy the product. Even though betting on an item is free, listing an item needs a fee paid before. For the Motors Parts & Accessories, the initial fee is $0.50 and the final fee will differ according to the value of the item and the actual selling price.

eBay Motors: Shipping Rates & Policies

All the fees and shipping methods available on eBay Motors differ from seller to seller. Each seller is able to choose his own type of shipping, and the official eBay website has nothing to do with that decision. However, there is some information on how it would be easier for sellers to approach the shipping problem, and even some tips on making it cheaper for both parties.

eBay Motors: Payment Methods Accepted

The only payment method accepted by eBay Motors is through PayPal. Since both the companies are partners, it is normal for the customer to use this method. Also, since transaction are made every second via eBay Motors and they all occur worldwide, it seems natural for an online transaction to solve any problems the client or the seller might encounter with their bank accounts or others.

eBay Motors: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There are no direct return, exchange or refund policies available on the website. Given the eBay Motors website character, it might look unnatural for it to have an exchange policy. The return and refund are the seller’s responsibility, and the only thing the website can do is to give further information on how all this can be easily solved if a problem arises.

Ebaymotors: Product images & screenshots
Ebaymotors Coupons
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